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Few properties of kappa Carrageenan

Carrageenan is usually extracted from an different type of seaweeds. They are being used in beer, desserts, fruit gushers, toothpaste, etc. There are numerous diverse sorts of carrageenan as numerous red algal species sometimes grew during developmental history, for instance, the genus Gigartina produces primarily Kappa carrageenan during its stage of gametophytic. However, the physical properties of the diversely prepared gels which were observed included density, mechanical strength, free volume fraction, and change in gel volume during the gel curing. Why has carrageenan ability to form a diversity of dissimilar gels at room temperature? As carrageenan is highly flexible molecules and large which curl forming a different type of helical structures.

Physio-chemical properties of the carrageenan gels/solutions are influenced very much by the presence of different alkali metal ions. We can, however, carry out different measurements for longitudinal vibration along with the stress relaxation for kappa-carrageenan gels containing alkali metal ions. Such kappa-carrageenan gels might increase by the addition of a small amount of alkali metal ions; though agarose doesn’t work in such way. It isn’t influenced so much by the addition of very small account of alkali metal ions.

All type of carrageenan, however, high molecular weight polysaccharides that are made up of repeating galactose units and also three to six a hydro galactose, both non-sulfated and sulfated. The units are linked by alternating alpha one to three and beta one to four glycosidic linkages. However, the agarose gels and kappa-carrageenan immersed in salt solution would change rheological. It’s studied by measurement of different longitudinal vibrations. The reason is credited to the shielding effect of an electrostatic repulsion of sulfate groups through alkali metal ions. However, if you wish to know more about carrageenan, you can search for it over the internet to have a better understanding of it.